Women do not let men bloom fragrance on the road of anti epidemic

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Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, anzhen group has such a group of women who shoulder the heavy burden of family and the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control. In special period, they quietly play "light and heat" in their posts, showing us the courage and heroism of anzhen female employees, and let us feel the unique "anzhen temperature".

Never forget the mission at the beginning

LV Hongmei, assistant to the general manager of anzhen group, has fulfilled the solemn promise of a party member not forgetting his original intention with practical actions since the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia.

During the Spring Festival holiday, after busy with the daily financial work, I originally planned to be reunited with my family and filial piety beside my parents. The sudden outbreak broke the good plan. As a doctor in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of traditional Chinese medicine, lover has been sticking to the front line of anti epidemic for the first time, and has no time to take care of his family.

"I support you, with your professional services for more people, you can rest assured that I have at home!" It was her oath to her husband as a wife. She chose to support in silence without complaining. It means that the burden of taking care of her old family is too small. When her father was ill, she brought tea and water, wiped and washed, but she didn't sleep for a few days.

As a professional financial and financial practitioner, while taking care of her father, she also pays close attention to the policies of the superior government and various financial institutions during the epidemic period, hoping to do something within her power to relieve the enterprise of the epidemic. So when the unit colleagues call for help, she did not hesitate.

"At present, small and medium-sized enterprises are facing difficulties in operation. We need to find ways to help them solve their urgent needs. The epidemic relief products we have developed need funds, and you may also need your guidance."

"I'll be there soon!" In the face of her colleagues' requests for work, she did not refuse. On the fifth day of the lunar new year, she went directly to the workplace. Unable to serve in front of the bed, she had to explain to her family, left her father alone to her old mother, and rushed back to the unit.

She took all the members of the planning and Finance Department of the group to work overtime for more than ten days to ensure the capital operation of the group and its subsidiaries during the epidemic period. Sometimes, she was busy, and the night was full of stars.

Her original intention of joining the party is to "forge ahead with solid work". She is such a person, "serious and rigorous, extremely responsible for the work", which is the unanimous evaluation of her colleagues. He never delays his work because of his family's affairs. When he encounters problems, he does not evade and prevaricate. He dares to gnaw hard bones. He always sticks to the cause and sticks to it.

The strong grass is known by the strong wind, and the honest minister is known by the strong temper. She has been persisting for many days and nights. While working hard in her own work, she has explained what it means to be a communist at a critical moment. Although she is still in the preparatory period, she is already a qualified party member.


Bear a heavy burden and show responsibility

"When the masks arrive, one person from each department will pick them up." "Wait, you haven't taken the disinfectant alcohol yet", "do you have enough supplies in your house?"

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, Zhu Mei became the real housekeeper of the rental company!

Zhu Mei, deputy general manager of comprehensive management department of anzhen leasing company, has taken on the multiple roles of organizer, propagandist, supervisor and administrator during the epidemic prevention and control period, showing the female style of "women are not inferior to men".

We should be close to the staff and workers. After the outbreak of the epidemic, her heart had already flown thousands of miles away from her hometown in Shandong Province. She secretly thought: once the epidemic prevention and control work has been carried out, the comprehensive department is bound to coordinate all logistics support affairs such as material protection and personnel dispatching, and to stay here will affect the overall situation of prevention and control. After discussing with her family, after dinner with her family, she drove back to Hefei and went straight to the company. At the first time, she issued the epidemic prevention and control notice, continuously sorted out and sorted out the employees who had left Anhui and returned to Anhui, returned from fertilizer and returned to Hubei during the epidemic period, actively soothed the anxiety of some employees who could not return their fat in time, paid close attention to the health status of employees, and urged them to report health data on time, and Remind employees to return to their residence in an orderly and safe manner

She can't stop for a moment. She has to stay in the unit until late at night every day, so that the staff and workers can feel the warmth in front of the merciless virus. At the same time, people forget that there is a pair of young children in her family who need her care, but she has no time to take care of them.

Be the administrator of logistics support. To ensure the orderly and safe resumption of work, she timely contacted the community management department, submitted all kinds of work resumption materials, and completed the company's application for resumption of work as soon as possible.

"I'm working in the office. You can work from home.". As some employees were far away from the unit, Zhu Mei volunteered to take part in daily document circulation, wage payment, distribution of epidemic prevention materials for employees, and organization of donations, which provided a strong guarantee for the orderly operation of the company during the period of epidemic prevention and control.

The energy disseminator who is building. If they can't meet each other, they publicize and implement the common sense of epidemic prevention and control and the requirements of superior deployment to the employees through wechat group, video conference of learning power and other online channels, and guide employees to correctly understand and prevent virus infection. There is no confirmed or suspected case in the whole company.

"We must use positive energy of positive public opinion to unite a strong joint force in fighting the epidemic," she said. To this end, she actively followed up the business trends, actively summarized and explored the highlights of the company's business development, and drafted five publicity news articles, which effectively publicized the company's business while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

A single spark can start a prairie fire

"At present, I can't do anything important, but I still can do what I can to do well in logistics support. How much can I do! Although moss flowers are as small as rice, they should learn from peonies. " She said a little shyly.

Song Jingwei, an ordinary employee in the comprehensive Department of anzhen small loan company, has been engaged in the prevention and control of the company's epidemic situation since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia.

Since January 27, we have been sticking to our posts every day, strictly implementing the daily report system of employee health status, providing material support, and assisting the company leaders in epidemic prevention and control

On February 4, Anhui state control group launched the "joint epidemic prevention and control platform". According to the deployment, she had completed the check-in and clock out work of 42 employees before 8:30 a.m. every day.

According to the requirements of local epidemic prevention and control management, the elevator in the office of anzhen small loan company was shut down, and people had to take stairs to and from the 17th floor many times every day. The materials distributed to employees need to be carried upstairs one by one by the people in the general department, "let me do it", resist a box of hand sanitizer, and climb directly upstairs without any hesitation. It is amazing that her small body can burst out such great energy.

Epidemic monitoring and prevention and control work is the most basic and important means of prevention. Although what she does is not earth shaking event, it is these trivial daily things that lay a solid foundation for the epidemic prevention and control work of the group. It can let people at the front line of business concentrate on serving customers, and stable post convenience is the reassurance for them to carry out business.


Don't say that women are not British things. They don't bend down after the wind and rain. In anzhen group, there are still many examples like this. At present, no matter ordinary employees or managers, they all stick to their own duties and are unknown. They have helped us to feel the unique charm of women at work. We have reason to believe that the day of victory in the fight against the epidemic is just around the corner.

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